Polcar has been operating in the automotive spare parts market since 1986, and it is one of the largest suppliers of car body parts in Europe. Polcar distinguishes itself for 30 years. From the very beginning the company has followed ethics which are manifested in individual approach to each client and respect to customers, suppliers and employees.

The company has the largest European warehouse constructed to store large body parts, with 61000 m2 of warehouse space, soon to be 110000 m2. Our warehouse is a European storage place for over 300 worldwide producers, providing constant availability of their products.

With over 800 employees, and a fleet of 100 vehicles the company successfully unloads and dispatches over 1200 m3 od goods daily.

Polcar purchases goods directly from factories without go-betweens and frequently visits production lines. The company’s unique database has over 90,000 high-density photos of parts taken in their studio.

Polcar doesn’t offer products coming from the same production line in different packaging or branding, they specialize in factory packaging.

The company’s founder with co-creators personally run the business and maintain vital relationships with customers and suppliers. Polcar strongly supports independent regional dealers in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this policy Polcar never becomes a competitor with its own customers.

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SK Auto dooel
blvd. Boris Trajkovski 10/9,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Phone/Fax: +389 (0)2 616 91 83
Mobile: +389 (0)70 22 96 31
E-mail: info@skauto.mk