The company SZR “Una”, founded in 1985, is engaged in the production of rubber products and metal products. The main production program is the production of parts of rubber car parts of all types:

  • cuffs for homokinetic joints
  • cuffs for semi-axes
  • Handcuffs on the steering wheel
  • rubber bumpers for shock absorbers
  • holders (hooks) for fastening the exhausts
  • bangs for the bargaining rod
  • and other car parts of tires from different types of vehicles.

In addition to the SZR “Una” company oriented to production, in April 2010, the company “UNA SCORPION” was founded to supplement the assortment from import. The company’s imperative is a constant investment for the survival and success of the market.

The second part of the production program is the production of impregnated hoses for passenger cars and tractors. Working experience in the production of rubber car parts and market knowledge directs this company in constant pursuit of quality.

The production program of cuffs “UNA SCORPION” made of quality oil and grease-resistant tires with warranty and right of complaint, packaged in original packaging with rubbing and graphite grease in a tube. The pleasure is great because the box with the sign “SCORPION” is already a real champion.

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SK Auto dooel
blvd. Boris Trajkovski 10/9,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
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